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A bright, ecommerce site to sell Missi's beautiful works of art.


Painted Sky Creative's services for the When in Rome Shades website.Painted Sky Creative's services for the When in Rome Shades website.

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When in Rome Shades are beautiful, hand-made, roman shades that can be purchased through an already crafted inventory or custom-made.


Missi needed an online store to sell her hand-crafted roman shades. The store required that customers be able to purchase shades from her inventory as well as design their own custom-made shades with different levels of input. This required the development of an online store unique to her business rather than using an already set-up ecommerce platform, such as Shopify.


Using a logo designed by a close friend and the vision Missi had for her site, I designed the concept of her site to invoke a hand-crafted feel as well as use visual elements to bring a subtle sense of Rome to the site.

I also directed Missi in determining the content and organization of the site

The ecommerce part of the site was both challenging and rewarding to develop. Due to the large variance in amount of customer input that could be required, I developed a unique online store for Missi. Included in the development of the store was the security and ease of using Paypal for handling the monetary transactions.

This site is not yet live. Missi is finishing up her policies and we are finalizing some content to make the purchasing experience as complete and easy as possible.

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