West Village Market

A bright, fresh, new look for the market with a heart in the heart of West Asheville.

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Painted Sky Creative's services for the West Village Market website.Painted Sky Creative's services for the West Village Market website.

West Village Market new home page.

West Village Market old home page.

"Melinda did a terrific job with our website. She transformed it from an out-dated and dry site into an aesthetic, useful, easy-to-navigate, relevant site. She had a wonderful ability to hear what we were looking for and to visually create both a feel and a functionality. We also appreciated that she was so easy to work with; she was more interested in building on our ideas than being driven by her own, though she had many good ideas and enhancements to offer us. She is skilled technically, and bound and determined to find a way to make something work. I highly recommend her!" --Rosanne, owner of West Village Market



West Village Market is a colorful, local market located in the heart of West Asheville. They provide fresh, local, organic ingredients and locally made products to the colorful inhabitants of West Asheville.


West Village Market was tired of their old, uninviting, difficult to navigate site and wanted a fresh, new look. Unfortunately, they were locked into a contract with a content management system with a fairly restrictive template.

They wanted a more current looking site that felt vibrant and inviting. A site that would entice their customers to check out all of the great things available in the store, as well as, online. They want their market to be a place where folks enjoy shopping again and their website should reflect that same welcoming feel.


For the first phase of the redesign, with the constraints of the project in mind, I made some simple changes to the visual aspects of the site that had a large impact on the feel of the site.

I helped organize the content in order to bring emphasis to key areas and make the site more user-friendly and easier-navigate.

The first phase of this project is complete. The next phase will focus mainly on reorganize the content and improving some of the other inner pages. I am excited to continue working with the lovely folks of the West Village Market to create a site they love.

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