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A warm, flowy concept for Tricia's first web presence.

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Painted Sky Creative's services for the Renewal Massage website.Painted Sky Creative's services for the Renewal Massage website.

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Renewal Massage is a healing space in Asheville, NC that provides massage, bodywork, and energetic services to restore and renew the body.


Tricia's goals were to have a simple, professional website to allow her current clients and future customers to easily access key information in order for her to provide them with her amazingly, restorative bodywork services.

As one of many massage therapists in Asheville, she wanted a site that allowed her to stand out and conveyed her unique focus on energetic work and various massage modalities. She wanted the site to reflect warm, flowing energy and to be warm and welcoming.


With Tricia's goals in mind, I developed the concept and content for the website. I designed the color scheme and created all of the graphic elements. I also edited and enhanced the images she had so that we could included photos of her and her space. We will continue to work on SEO for her site and social media in order to attract more potential customers to her site through Google and other search engines.

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