The dessert company that believes in the importance of balance - both in the flavors of desserts and life itself.

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Painted Sky Creative's services for King James website.Painted Sky Creative's services for King James website.


King James Public House home page.

King James Public House home page.

King James Public House home page.



50/Fifty is Mandy and Chris Butler, a husband and wife team who brought their dream of opening a dessert and pastry business to Asheville, North Carolina.


Mandy and Chris wanted a visual concept for their website that was simple and elegant to reflect, but not compete with, their amazing desserts.

They wanted a website where customers could go to see enticing images of their desserts, find important contact information, and learn a little about them and their dream that is 50/Fifty Desserts.

The project required both the design of the visual concept and the development of the site; as well as, creation of graphic elements, image selecting and editing; and editing the textual content.


I spoke with Mandy and Chris about their goals and vision for their business and website in order to create a number of different design concepts for them to choose between. It was during our first meeting to look at potential designs when listening to both what Mandy was saying and trying to say about the designs that I came up with the final design concept we would use for their site.  I then developed the site using the Joomla platform.

I created some of the graphic elements, such as the background image, for the site using Illustrator.  I selected and edited the images that would be used for the site using Photoshop. I assisted Mandy and Chris with editing the textual content to keep marketing goals and SEO in mind.

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